This Los Angeles suburb has excellent resources for agtech, astrobio, and more. Lancaster is a municipal leader in sustainability, is friendly to business, and boasts an impressive cost of living considering its proximity to Los Angeles. Growing biotech companies will find all the services, space, and support they need in our Lancaster facility.

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Our Products

These are our innovation suites available.


8 extra-large lab benches

Our largest suite; 3 separate areas, includes a private sink

Teams from 4-11 people.


5 extra-large lab benches

One contiguous space separated into two distinct sections

Teams from 2-7 people.


7 extra-large lab benches

Two separate areas with two built-in benches and upper shelving

Teams from 3-9 people.


4 extra-large lab benches

Two separate areas with built-in benches and lots of windows

Teams from 2-6 people.